It's here at last. The first patented inflatable rolling machine,.


As the inventor, I am excited to say I might just have solved one of the greatest needs in this industry, to make rolling inflatables by hand a thing of the past. One of our video shows a six year old rolling up a one hundred pound inflatable with ease. To test its endurance I took it to a large event of over 20 inflatables. Among the largest was a 40 foot obstacle course including a large Dual Lane slide and the largest of all, the Jungle Paradise, over 1000 pounds and it met the challenge with ease. The IRM 1000 is easy to operate with its forward and reverse switch. It is nothing less than being a powerful lean mean rolling machine. That will make you wonder how you ever manage before without it.

Inflatable roller, inflatable rolling machine,
The Inflatable Rolling Machine IRM 1000
is an incredible tool that is so powerful it can nearly roll up any size inflatable, but I recommend primarily for inflatables under 700 pounds, but can roll heavier. The inflatable roller’s purpose was to take away the physical labor of pushing and rolling by hand and to minimize back injuries. The IRM 1000 also works well with rolling up large tents. It has many other features are we all know how inflatables have a tendency to want to roll up  crooked at times. If rolling by hand you usually just scoot it forward to solve your problem. A great feature of the roller is you can do the same thing by simply leaning more into one side and it will straighten. This is great especially when working alone.


Other features
You might have possibly already seen, in the video on the first page, that you can roll and also unroll. This will come in handy especially for those large inflatables.Something else you will discover when owning your own Inflatable Rolling Machine is that you will find yourself changing the way you work. You will discover it’s best that everyone works hard to first get everything folded  and then just two of you, the roller and one  assistant, will come behind and roll up everything, and let the other guys start packing the blowers and everything else. You will find yourself finished in record time.


The IRM 1500, Inflatable rolling machine.

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The IRM 2000, Monster roller is incredible it will
nearly double your power and traction,

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