Water Dodgeball

Getting wet will never been more fun!
​​Our new Sports Game: Water Dodgeball

It's new, it's exciting, and there is nothing like it.

Watch the players inside the cage frantically run back and forth dodging a blast of cold water when caught near one of the targets that is set off when it is hit by the ball! It's exciting and as much fun to watch as it is to play. 


Water Dodgeball can be very diverse, giving players a choice between throwing the ball or the opportunity to choose the cage, having to be quick and alert to  Dodge the next oncoming ball; It will either cause them to inevitably get soaked or dodge the spray if they're fast enough on their feet.


Either way, Water Dodgeball is a blast!

​​​​​Water Dodgeball is great for all ages.  ​​​​​Part of its uniqueness is ​​the combination of hardware and our inflatable that makes ​​Water Dodge ball an exciting game. It is a very interactive game that leaves no time for boredom. It weighs under 100 pounds, sets up in minutes and will rent out for up to $300 plus.

It's a great purchase for any rental company!



Play with or with out water


If you want to create a whole new game, simply remove the net and water! Now the players are exposed and will get directly hit by the ball if not fast and paying attention.

One by one, the players are eliminated and leave the cage.

Until the last man is standing.

There are many ways the game can be played. Water Dodgeball is one of the funnest games you'll ever play! 


“My kids could not get enough of Water Dodgeball!!! Being able to get wet and also throw the ball kept them busy all day. It was the Highlight of the party!"  Jaime